ETA Tarot 2017

When Alexa Trilli messaged me to ask me if I was interested in participating in this event, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't sure. Not due to a lack of interest, it was because I know nothing about tarot cards. Nothing. Naturally, I did what anyone would do. I accepted and doubled down to do research on my card. Alex had recommended which card I should do: Ace of Wands. 

ETA Tarot 2017 - Ace of Wands - Zee Henna ShoppeIn short, the Ace of Wands represents inspiration, new opportunities, growth and potential. She was right, this was the right card for me. The final product was a beautiful canvas that was showcased along with art from 79 other local artists, in a Toronto gallery. In addition to the gallery viewing, our designs were printed as a functional tarot deck!                          

ETA Tarot 2017 - Zee Henna Shoppe When I received my copy of the ETA tarot deck in the mail, I was so happy. There's something amazing about seeing your work in print that just gives you this immense sense of accomplishment and happiness. I love that deck. While I don't know how to do tarot readings, I still appreciate the amazing art that is included in the deck. Toronto has many talented artists and so many of them participated in this venture. I'm proud to be able to display my art along with them. 



The event was also featured on an episode of Vice Canada. By sheer luck, during that episode, Trilli did a reading and my card was one of the ones drawn! Pretty exciting for me! I've included a link for anyone interested in checking it out.

Vice Canada News Link

ETA Tarot - Zee Henna Shoppe Vice Canada







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