Mississauga Fashion Week 2017

Yes, I'm throwing it back here. It's been a while since I participated in Mississauga Fashion Week and I still think back on it as a huge learning experience. The show has been popular in the Mississauga fashion circuit for many years now & hosted prominent guests including Mayor Bonnie Crombie. 

Mississauga Fashion Week 2017- Back Jagua Design Zee Henna Shoppe

Seeing as how I had never participated in a fashion show (with the exception of one in high school...something I would love to forget) I didn't quite know what to expect. Not only that, but I grossly underestimated how long it would take to complete all my models on the same day. Never again I told myself. God bless the patience of these beauties for putting up with me all day! In all honesty, that day would not have been a success without their patience and understanding. If you guys end up reading this, thank you so much!


It was a chaotic day as I rushed to complete my models in time for their walk down the runway. We scrambled to get the body jewels on, have them dressed, dolled and ready to go! We did it and I took a sigh of relief. It only then dawned on me that I was far from ready myself...the scramble resumed. I changed my clothes in a closet because at this point there were all sorts of people coming in and out of the room. I had my make-up partially done before the make-up artist disappeared to take photos of her models - her "I'll be right back" never happened. In lieu, I ended up going to another makeup artist whom, poor guy, had to rush to make me look semi-decent. A gem of a hairstylist fixed my hair super quick and I was off with minutes to spare!

Mississauga Fashion Week - Zee Henna Shoppe 2017

It was a great event and a wonderful experience. If anything it taught me what to and not to do when participating in one of these events. The most important lessons being: 1) do the body art prior to the show; and 2) arrive at the event ready to go and don't think there will be time to get ready there - there never is. I'm grateful for this learning experience and the ability to meet and network with such wonderful professionals in the industry.  




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