About us

Welcome to Zee Henna Shoppe!

ZHS was created by Zertajia Mughal; a Toronto based self-taught artist. Originally from Winnipeg, Zee moved to Toronto in 2011 & rekindled her passion for henna & art. Each art piece made by Zee is done with the utmost attention to detail. Incorporating traditional henna designs, she creates a fusion of East meets West designs that are both modern and beautiful. Her designs are hand painted on a variety of mediums including canvas, glass, fabric & wood; resulting in a one of a kind 3D textured design. 

"About 16 years ago I picked up my first henna cone and I was hooked! I loved everything about it - the designs, the stain, the freedom to really express yourself. A few years ago, I decided to explore my creative side even further and started using my henna designs on different mediums & boom - Zee Henna Shoppe was created! I never expected to start an art business or pursue henna professionally but here I am, and I am so grateful for everyone who has helped support my passion for art!"

Zee Henna Shoppe Organic Henna Application

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